My journey to health


How I restored my quality of life

Difficult beginnings: a limiting pain

As a child, I was passionate about tennis. I dreamed of going to the United States on an athletic scholarship. When I was about fifteen years old, a lower back pain set in. This pain held back the classical approaches. 

Afterwards, the pain persisted and diminished my chances of realising my dream. 

It was only after I had to give up, that I discovered chiropractic and against all odds, I was relieved of my lower back pain.

My learning: there are solutions

This experience has taught me that we should not abandon our search for understanding and healing after 1, 2 or 3 therapists. There are solutions.  More therapists from different backgrounds were needed and needed to be trained.

What would my life have been like if I had met this kind of therapist earlier? If the effects of alternative therapies were better known? I chose to participate in this expansion.

My evolution: relief and autonomy

Thanks to the understanding and exercises acquired during my studies, my pains no longer affect my daily life and activities at all.

It was the manual work of my chiropractor that first relieved my pain. 

However, it is the adjustments I make to my lifestyle that allow me to space out and reduce the painful episodes.

I now strive to produce the same change in my patients.

What I can do for you

My vision: restore your quality of life

One of the factors in our quality of life is our sense of control and autonomy. Pain can strongly interact with these factors.

I hope that everyone can achieve what is dear to them without being held back by pain and the feeling of powerlessness that can go with it.

Now I have the tools to spread chiropractic. The art of manual care, and knowledge about health. 

The first thing I can do is to invite you to consult this excellent free book to learn more about chronic pain (blog link).

You can also contact me for an appointment here.

One passion: health

As pain is unique to each individual, no one therapist can have the answer to every problem. 

On the other hand, all therapists can and must give their all to find the solutions.

I am passionate about health and challenges. I believe that there is almost always a solution and that I am sure that together, we will find your way to health.

My mission is to restore
your quality of life

Monday to Friday from 8am to 8.45pm.

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