Romain Arvy,

After a youth spent playing competitive tennis combined with lower back pain, I realise how life-changing pain can be. I finally found a solution to my pain after 5 years of suffering and therapeutic wandering, thanks to chiropractic. I therefore chose to follow a 6-year training course in order to help others to restore an optimal quality of life.

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ROMAIN ARVY, chiropractor.

Chiropractic has helped me improve my daily life. That’s why I chose chiropractic.


Precise diagnosis based on clinical questions and tests in order to have objective criteria.

To clearly communicate your ailment in order to allow for tailor-made care.

To give specific exercises in order to give autonomy and accelerate the success of the treatment.

Management of vertebral manipulations or mechanically assisted mobilisation.

Comprehensive care (nutrition, sleep, physical activity, stress, etc…)

Researching, analysing and using experience and scientific innovations with the aim of improving my practice.

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Seminars / Specialisations

Training on body analysis and treatment
Diagnosis and work on fascias, muscles and joints.

Training on adjustment
Improving patient comfort. To improve efficiency and comfort during treatment.

Training on sleep
To optimise lifestyle and nutrition advice for global care.

Training on the sense of health
To deepen the correlation between life balance and health.

Breathing training
Assisted deep breathing to stimulate listening to oneself, reduce stress and activate natural healing processes.

Training on nutrition
Improvement on the impact of the microbiota, dietary deficiencies and hormones on pain and general health.

My mission is to restore
your quality of life

Monday to Friday from 8am to 8.45pm.

06 13 06 02 49

7 rue Albert Einstein

77420 Champs Sur Marne


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