The amount of the consultation with your chiropractor in Noisiel is 55€.

Classic rate 60€

Any questions? Call 06 13 06 02 49

Social security does not cover consultations with your chiropractor. However, the majority of mutual insurance companies do reimburse part of the cost of your treatment.


Patient montrant sa douleur au dos

Your chiropractor will take into account your financial capabilities in order to establish a treatment plan adapted to your situation. 

It is entirely possible to make deferred payments via checks that I will cash in the following months, when you have received your wages. and would be more comfortable financially.

Preferential rates can be negotiated for students in difficulty as well.

We are human beings first and foremost and even though all therapists need money to live and train, our priority is to help you.


My mission is to restore
your quality of life

Monday to Friday from 8am to 8.45pm.

06 13 06 02 49


7 rue Albert Einstein

77420 Champs sur Marne


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